Swine Flu – Extraordinary Breakdown of Public Health

The recent spate of infections and deaths, caused by the H1N1 strain of the influenza virus across many states in India has once again brought into focus India’s ailing health care system. It is unfortunate … Read more

The Path to Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Bhopal Disaster

The premise of sustainable development is that it should be non-discriminatory and equitable as well. Discriminatory practices in the name of development have disastrous consequences as the people of Bhopal had experienced at the hands … Read more

Coercive Population Control Claims Thirteen Lives in Chhattisgarh

The shocking incident in Chhattisgarh, where thirteen women died and many more fell severely ill after undergoing an operation for female sterilisation (tubectomy), shows a mirror to all that is wrong with the public health … Read more

Hepatitis and the Thousand Dollar Pill

Capital’s greed to maximize profits respects very few boundaries. If the pharmaceutical industry were to be used as an example, it would seem that greed that is predicated on the helplessness of the sick and … Read more

Ebola Epidemic Exposes the Pathology of the Capitalist System

On August 8th the World Health Organisation declared the West African Ebola outbreak a ‘public health emergency of international concern’. The declaration came four months after the WHO reported a major Ebola outbreak in Guinea in … Read more

Better Days Ahead – for Insurance Companies and Corporate Hospitals

Since being installed in government the BJP’s ministers have announced a slew of measures to usher in “better days”. True to this pattern, the new government’s health minister – Dr.Harsh Vardhan – has articulated a … Read more

Importance of Public Services in Health Care

In India, as well as in many developing countries, there is wide acceptance that the present health care system needs serious reforms. There is, however, very limited consensus on the shape and extent of reforms … Read more

Indian Bureaucrats Vote with Their Feet Against India’s Health System

A recent notification, dated September 25, 2013, by the ministry of personnel of the government of India is virtually a vote of no-confidence on India’s health system. The notification amends existing laws regarding entitlements available … Read more

Time for another revolution in medicines access The ‘test case’ of Herceptin

The last fifty years is witness to a virtual explosion in the creation of new knowledge. Capitalism has used this characteristic of modern science and technology to constantly create products and tools to constantly revolutionize … Read more

Health Insurance: The Road to Health for All?

  In 2007 the Government of Andhra Pradesh launched an insurance scheme that was designed to protect patients from the ‘catastrophic’ impact of out of pocket expenses incurred on hospital care. Termed as the ‘Rajiv … Read more

Another blow for aam admi: Government poised to dance to the tune of big drug companies

The Government of aam admi is poised to act once again in the interests of big business and against the interests of a vast majority of the people in this country. It has been widely … Read more

Mobilising for Health

WALKING down the streets of Cape Town, it all looks so familiar. Almost twelve years ago, health activists from all over the world had come together in Bangladesh, and marched down the streets of Savar, … Read more