Mobilising for Health

WALKING down the streets of Cape Town, it all looks so familiar. Almost twelve years ago, health activists from all over the world had come together in Bangladesh, and marched down the streets of Savar, … Read more

Health Care Mortgaged to Corporate Sector

A FEW months back the Planning Commission of India had put its foot squarely in its mouth by claiming that the poverty line in India can be pegged at a consumption expenditure of Rs 28.65 … Read more

Health Sector Reforms in India

IT would require a very brave person to argue that India has a functioning health care system. The country’s health sector has been the topic of several screaming headlines in the media in recent months. … Read more

Nefarious Design to Legitimise Exorbitant Prices

The Government has recently made public the “Draft National Pricing Pharmaceutical Policy, 2011” The circulation of the draft policy, supposedly to make medicines more affordable, comes in a situation where studies show that out-of-pocket medical … Read more

Games in the Time of Dengue

THERE are genuine reasons for the nation to exult as India showcased its capabilities through the truly spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. A nation, reeling from the continuous disclosures of ineptitude … Read more

Faltering Progress in Combating Infectious Diseases: India’s Record in Achieving Millennium Development Goals

LAST month saw the release of the India Country report for 2010, regarding progress made till date towards achieving specific targets in eight different areas, set by the United Nations in 2001 – known as … Read more

Creating Life from Four Bottles of Chemicals?

THE publication of a claim that scientists have created “life” from “four bottles of chemicals” in the American journal, Science, has attracted considerable attention. Reactions have been varied, with one commentator even hailing it as … Read more

Hot Steel and a Cold Govt: Mayapuri Radioactive Exposure

THE near fatal radiation exposure in the Mayapuri scrap has led to hospitalisation of 11 people. The cause has now been identified as radioactive cobalt 60 sources that were mixed up in the scrap. What … Read more

No We Cannot! Obama Flounders Trying to Change Health Care in the US

“Yes we can”. This was the slogan that galvanised millions of Americans and voted Barack Obama into the White House in 2008. A rainbow coalition of Americans, representing the working people, people of colour, hispanics … Read more

PROMOTING MALPRACTICE : Industry-Doctor Nexus under the Scanner

IN the early 1960s, across Europe, doctors were confronted with a strange and distressing phenomenon. Hundreds of reports started pouring in about babies being born without arms and legs. They had flippers or fingers emerging … Read more

Genetic Modification Technologies: Debate is on who Controls the Technology

WHILE the controversy on genetically modified foods rages in India, very similar issues are being debated in many parts of the world. In India the contention is around the permission sought to be given for … Read more

The Emperor’s New Clothes are Tainted

 A PUBLIC document of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) of Rajasthan, still available on its website, pays glowing tributes to a gentleman by the name of Ramalinga Raju. It says: “Ramalinga Raju is founder … Read more