Privatisation in Space: Lurking Dangers & Poor Prospects

AS part of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic stimulus package announced by the government supposedly to boost the Covid-impacted economy, the finance minister declared that all sectors of the economy would henceforth be open … Read more

This Independence Day, Remember the Children of Gorakhpur

Seventy years of independence, in normal circumstances, should call for celebrations across the nation. Unfortunately these are not normal times. For once we hoped that even this government, hard wired to proclaim its nonexistent achievements … Read more

Debroy Committee Report: Following the Neo-liberal Play Book

The Report of the Debroy Committee for restructuring of Indian Railways has predictably recommended unbundling of IR and its privatization in all but name. The Report, as well as signed articles and press statements by … Read more

The Other Half of the Coal Loot – Looting through the Power Market

  There is a story doing the rounds that when a Minister went up to Manmohan Singh complaining about “primitive accumulation of capital” with respect to a huge real estate scam, the PM asked him … Read more

HAL disinvestment: thin end of the wedge

    In a move with far reaching consequences, the Defence Acquisition Council of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) last week gave in-principle approval to divestment of 10 percent stake in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), … Read more

Trading In Water

VIRTUALLY since the dawn of human civilization, the total amount of fresh water available for human consumption and use has practically remained constant. It is just half a per cent of the total water on … Read more

New Metro Airports: private profit, public chaos

Everything in infrastructure or services in India these days has to be “world class”. And according to liberalizers in government and outside, especially in the media, this must mean owned and run by the private … Read more

IPCL Disinvestment

The current disinvestment proposal of the Union Government is a change from the earlier Nehruvian vision of self-reliance to the more limited one of Reliance. Only this explains the Government’s decision to sell off 25% … Read more

BHEL Disinvestments And New Capitalism

WE have earlier focussed on how we need to make BHEL a global player in power equipment manufacturing. This is doubly important, as the major power market in the world today is China and India, … Read more

BHEL Disinvestments-An Attack On The Power Sector

THE media has cast the Left’s opposition to the proposed disinvestments of 10 per cent of BHEL as one more instance of its inability to change its ideology with modern times. Efforts also are made … Read more

Privatisation Of Municipal Water Supply

IT is an irony, indeed a tragedy, that on World Water Day (March 23, 2004), one should be writing this article about efforts being made at the level of both the centre and many states … Read more

Corporate Takeover of Water Resources

SINCE antiquity it has been assumed that water is a common resource that canand should be shared according to the needs of people. This assumption isbeing challenged across the world, as water becomes a scarce … Read more