Death Trumps Life at Geneva Ministerial

On 2 June, days before the 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation, Winnie Byanyima, executive director of UNAIDS, warned the world of a grim future without patent waivers. “In a pandemic, sharing technology … Read more

The Discontents of the Data Universe

IN 2011, in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) hailed the birth of a new “asset class” – data. Going into raptures, they proclaimed data as the new oil. The WEF love for data has … Read more

The Strange Spectacle of WTO Negotiations being Launched in WEF, Davos

THE US, European Union (EU) and its allies are part of a 76-country “WTO initiative” on “trade related aspects of e-commerce”. Strangely enough, this initiative was launched in the World Economic Forum at Davos, and … Read more

US-WTO Shadow on India’s Solar Power Plans

Last week a Panel set up by the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body ruled against India on a complaint by the US in early 2013 that India’s Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) for some solar power projects … Read more

Drug MNC Challenges India’s Patent Act

AS a consequence of having become a signatory to the TRIPS agreement (as part of the WTO agreement), India was required to amend its Patent Act by January 1, 2005. While there were various obligations … Read more

The WTO Stutters Towards A Collapse

The World Trade Organisation stuttered towards another collapse as a mini-ministerial meeting in Geneva, earlier this month, ended without any progress. That the talks seem to have reached an impasse was borne out by WTO … Read more

Indo-US Agriculture Initiative: Handing Indian Agriculture To Monsantos

As Bush descends on the country, a number of events are planned to synchronise with his visit and mark its success. One amongst the many has a vital bearing on more than 60% of Indian … Read more

The WTO Telecom Agreement or Grabbing the Global Telecom Pie

Last month, a new global telecommunications agreement was reached under the aegis of World Trade Organisation (WTO). It follows various other unequal agreements that have been reached under the new global trade regime of WTO. … Read more

The Second Enron Scam: The Saga of Mukta-Panna Oil Fields

The World Bank ran a series of advertisements in the US last year that said that a buck spent by the Bank as loan created a much bigger bang for US companies. They gave also … Read more

Patents: The Sellout Continues

EARLY in 2005, the Indian Parliament passed an amendment to India’s Patent Act to fulfill obligations that the government had agreed to at the time of signing the WTO agreement in 1995. The Left Parties … Read more

THE COLOMBO DECLARATION 10 Years Is Enough!: No Deal at WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting

The organisations, individuals and movements assembled at Colombo, Sri Lanka for the Asian Strategy meeting on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on June 6-7, 2005. They concluded that 10 years period is enough to judge … Read more

“Free” Trade Beyond The WTO

WELCOME to the brave new world of “Free” Trade. This is a world that extends beyond the World Trade Organisation. This may be difficult to comprehend, but the fact of the matter is that global … Read more