The Horror of Private Medical Care in India

Seven year old Aadhya spent the last two weeks of her life at a state of the art private medical facility, her survival dependant on an artificial ventilator. Her brain had probably stopped functioning several … Read more

WHO Needs an Agenda for the Global South

The appointment of Dr Soumya Swaminathan, director general of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), as a deputy director general (DDG) of the World Health Organisation is a welcome development. She joins Jane Ellison … Read more

Niti Aayog’s Plan to Privatise District Hospitals

The current BJP led government spares no effort to seek new avenues that have the potential to contribute to the profits of private enterprises. To promote such efforts a recurring policy thrust has been on … Read more

Flogging a Lie to Undermine Public Healthcare

Three seemingly unconnected developments in the past weeks are emblematic of the current approach to public services in general and healthcare services in particular. The first development pertains to the Institute for Liver and Biliary … Read more

National Health Policy 2017: Assurance for Whom?

The Government has finally approved the National Health Policy-2017, bringing to an end a two year long process. A draft of the policy was available since mid-2015 but it is believed that the government, at … Read more

Who Benefits from a Compromised World Health Organisation?

The World Health Organisation is set to elect a new Director General at the World Health Assembly in May 2017, marking the completion of two four-year terms of the current Director General, Margaret Chan. Three … Read more

A Year of Apathy Towards Public Health Services

The past year once again provides a clear picture of neglect of public health by the BJP led government and further, a disdain towards policies that promote welfare. The year has seen several outbreaks of infectious … Read more

Why Hand over a National Asset to Foreign MNCs?

FDI in Pharmaceuticals In the recent slew of measures aimed at liberalisation of norms for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), norms for the pharmaceuticals (medicine) sector have been further liberalized. Existing norms allowed for 100% FDI … Read more

The Zika Crisis Needs a Global Response

Global concerns about a new viral pandemic have started making headlines barely weeks after resolution of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The virus responsible for panic buttons being pressed, with the WHO declaring a … Read more

Lessons from the National Family Health Survey

The Fourth National Family Health Survey (NFHS 4) was conducted in 2015 and preliminary results from a few states are now available. NFHS 4 follows similar countrywide surveys conducted in 1992 (NFHS 1), 1998 (NFHS … Read more

The Dengue Epidemic and Demise of Public Healthcare

The tragic events culminating in the suicide of the parents of Avinash, a seven year old child who had succumbed to dengue fever, largely due to the apathy of a number of private hospitals, have … Read more

Suppression of Child Malnutrition Survey Data to Shield Gujarat

Mired by controversies and scandals, the NDA Government has now secured another rare achievement. Recent disclosures, first reported in the ‘Economist’ magazine, indicate that the government has taken great pains to suppress a survey on … Read more