US Tech War on China & the 5G Battlefield

THE US tech war on China continues, banning Chinese equipment from its network, and asking its 5-Eyes partners and NATO allies to follow suit. It is a market and a technology denial regime that seeks … Read more

Telecom: From License-Permit Raj to License-to-Loot Raj

THE major private operators, along with the State run operators in the telecom sector, are currently reeling under a three year price war with Reliance Jio. This has hit their profitability, with Jio buying its … Read more

Tech for Democracy in a Brave New Digital World

WITH the elections in the offing, different groups – the Free Software Movement of India, Association for Democratic Reforms, Common Cause, etc – have raised a key issue: how to stop the Indian elections from … Read more

Hacking Democracy with Big Data, Fake News and Big Money

Starting with the Channel 4 exposé of Cambridge Analytica, and now the NaMo app that sends data to, we are beginning to realise the impact of big data on elections. If we combine this … Read more

Why the 2G Judgement is Wrong

The Special Court judge Saini in his judgements running into thousands of pages on the 2G spectrum issue, seems to believe that let alone criminality, there was nothing wrong with the procedures that A Raja … Read more

Cyber Peace Treaty or the Peace of the Hegemon?

 After WannaCry and (Not)Petya ransomware hitting global high profile organisations, there is a much greater awareness of the risks from cyber weapons. Both these ransomwares used EternalBlue, the stolen NSA exploit of a Windows … Read more

NSA’s Hacking Tool in World’s Biggest Malware Attack

  Last week, the world woke up to the largest cyber security threat ever, with a ransomware wannacry originating from NSA’s cache of cyber weapons, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers. Computers in more than … Read more

BJP Troll Sena Exposed

Swati Chaturvedi’s book I am a Troll, released a few days back, blows the lid off BJP’s systematic trolling of its opponents. We have always known that the trolling on the internet we see on … Read more

Maran’s OneIndia Plan: Attacking Rural Telephony

THE OneIndia plan, which the minister for Communications, Dayanidhi Maran has thrust down the throat of reluctant BSNL and TRAI, has serious repercussions for the telecom sector. If the problems of the sector is growing … Read more

TRAI Bars Facebook’s Data Colonialism

On Monday 8th February, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued its regulations barring differential pricing of data based on content. This has been welcomed widely as a step forward in keeping the internet … Read more

DoT’s Report: Lip service to Net Neutrality, but Backing Telecom Companies

The Department of Telecom (DoT) Report on Net Neutrality, though better written than the shoddy consultation paper TRAI produced last March, ends up by ducking controversial questions and contradicting itself on what constitutes net neutrality. … Read more

National Fibre Optic Network Project and the Expert Committee Report

The new NDA Government’s approach to every issue, irrespective of the problem, seems to be the same – hand it over to the private sector. Not surprisingly, the “expert” committee’s review report on the ambitious … Read more