Market Fundamentalism and Texas Grid Failure

THE Texas grid failure impacted millions with no electricity and no heating in sub-zero temperatures for days. It has not only caused scores of deaths and injuries, but also economic havoc in the state. Even … Read more

Can BJP’s Politics and Facebook’s Business Thrive without Hate?

THE Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article – Facebook’s Hate-Speech Rules Collide With Indian Politics – on August 14, has blown the lid off Facebook’s unholy alliance with the BJP. In this article, WSJ details how … Read more

Indian Grid Survives a Modi 9*9 PM Emergency

THE Indian grid was tested as no grid in the world has ever been by PM’s 9-minute at 9 pm lights off call, on April 5. An unprecedented load reduction to the tune of 27 … Read more

Electricity Sector’s Continuing Crisis and Crony Capitalism

THE problems of the electricity sector have grown with the neoliberal reforms of the sector that started from the 90’s. The Enron style reforms introduced high cost private power into the grid in the 90’s, … Read more

Tipu Sultan and BJP’s War on History

WE now see a new Anglo-Mysore War being waged: the RSS has aligned with the British to deny Tipu Sultan his role in Indian history. Yediyurappa says Tipu was “not a freedom fighter”, a strange … Read more

More than 150 Scientists Appeal to Citizens

The upcoming election is a crucial one. It asks for a re-affirmation of the most fundamental guarantees our Constitution gives us: equal rights to faith or lack thereof; culture; language; association; personal liberty and freedom … Read more

The Crisis of the Power Sector Reforms – Part II

The story of the failure of the reforms will not be complete unless we also take into account the failure of the privatisation of distribution. This is what we will examine in the second part … Read more

The Crisis of the Power Sector Reforms – Part I

The crisis of the power sector reforms, carried out over the last three decades, particularly after enacting the 2003 Electricity Act, is now becoming worse. It is estimated that 25,000 MW of capacity today is … Read more

The Cost of Modi’s US Visit: Offering Rs. 2.8 lakh crore to Westinghouse

The 4th visit of Modi to the US has very little to show as achievements. No wonder, the headlines screamed about “the start of the preparatory work” on six nuclear reactors as a major achievement. … Read more

The Bankruptcy of Power Sector Reforms

The CAG Draft Report on Delhi’s Distcoms describing the Rs. 8,000 crore loot of consumers, follows on the heels of the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (OERC) order, cancelling the licenses of the three Anil Ambani … Read more

CAG Report: The 8,000 crore Loot of Delhites by Reliance and Tata

The CAG Draft Report on the three private power distribution companies in Delhi, shows that the people of Delhi have been “overcharged” by a whopping Rs. 8,000 crore. The three companies – BSES Yamuna Power … Read more

Privatisation of the Electricity Sector and Its Repercussions

THE decision of Arvind Kejriwal’s government in Delhi to have the accounts of the three distribution companies (discoms) subjected to a CAG audit has had immediate repercussions. The three discoms are moving the courts against a CAG … Read more