DVB Privatisation: No Lessons Learnt from Orissa

The privatisation of Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB) has now gone from a public tender to one of private negotiations with private parties. After initially rejecting the bids of the only two bidders left in the … Read more

Power Sector Reforms: From Light into Darkness

The last year has been a hectic one for the Power Sector. The Electricity Act 2003 has been passed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The CEA has produced its estimates of electricity demand … Read more

Dabhol Darkness

ENRON’S spectacular rise, and its even more dizzying collapse, is being felt far and wide. In a matter of six weeks — mid-October to end-November — Enron’s market capitalisation dissolved from $62 billion to zip, … Read more

Picking up the Pieces at Dabhol as Enron Implodes

Enron effectively imploded on Wednesday, 28th November, with Dynegy refusing to go ahead with its proposed merger deal. Enron’s shares are now trading for only a few cents and Enron is now heading towards an … Read more

Power Sector Policies and the New Electricity Bill: From Crisis to Disaster

Draft Electricity Bill is in its nth avatar[i] and is now going through its final round of consultations before being placed in the Parliament. The salient features of the Bill – still called Draft Electricity … Read more

The Twisted Tale of Enron’s Equity

ENRON, without any intimation or notice to the government of India or Maharashtra, has obtained an ex parte injunction from the High Court of Justice in London on 10th October 2001. This injunction prohibits the … Read more

Hard Decisions Needed on Enron

THE Godbole committee, set up to examine Enron’s Dabhol Power Project, has clearly opined that power from this project was priced way beyond what was reasonable, and the decision-making process was neither “reasonable” nor “rational”. … Read more

Choice Before the Nation: Subsidise Enron or Nationalise Enron

As critics of Enron, we owe an apology to the nation for not bringing out the true nature of the Enron contract. Instead of Dhabol power costing Rs 4, and being a bad deal as … Read more

The Myth Of Free Nuclear Energy

THE Congress and its spokespersons have been on overdrive selling a number of myths about the benefits of the India-US Nuclear Deal. Foremost in that has been that of a mythical nuclear bus, which if … Read more

Powerless In Summer: The Story Of The Power Sector Reforms

INDIA’S power policies are in a quite a bit of mess. It is now clear that we are likely to see large power cuts this year, the impact of which is already visible. After more … Read more

The Ultra Mega Power Project Manoeuvre: Backdoor Entry Of Failed Privatisation

THE power scene is becoming curios and curioser. Just as the power privatisation dreams of the government has foundered on the cruel rock of reality – with the Orissa Regulator cancelling the private distribution company’s … Read more

Delhi Power Scenario: The Magic Of Privatisation

THE power scenario is Delhi is looking like a three-ring circus with Delhi government, DERC and the private Distcoms blaming each other for the tariff rise. If each of them is to be believed, none … Read more