Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine: I Have the Biggest Stick, Submit or be Nuked

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Rafale Deal: Govt Explanation Misleading

AFTER many months of stonewalling, hiding behind supposed confidentiality clauses, and yet putting out all manner of partial information, numbers that conceal more than they reveal, and explanations that raise more questions than providing answers, … Read more

Military Agreement with the US: COMCASA is on again

After years of wavering by India despite continuous prodding by the US, first under the UPA and then even by the BJP, it appears that another of the foundational agreements between the US and India … Read more

Yet Another Fighter Tender: Confusion and Worse

History repeats itself, wrote Karl Marx, first as tragedy then as farce. One wonders how he would have characterized a third repeat, when all the tears are done and even the disorganized buffoonery is over.  … Read more

Anil Ambani Emerges from the Shadows of Modis Rafale Deal

Modi’s Rafale Deal has raised a number of questions. How is it that the need for 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) for the Indian Air Force, suddenly dropped to only 26 in three … Read more

Muddy waters in Rafale Deal

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New Fighter Deal: Picking up Pace, and Cronies

BOTH the horses in the race for India’s impending acquisition of single-engined fighter aircraft have now been officially identified, with the deal to be struck under the new strategic partnership route incorporated into the Defence … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Threat to Our Humanity

 Stephen Hawking had warned a few years back that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could spell the end of human race, a threat echoed by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Bill Gates, and many others. … Read more

Is Trump Starting a Second Korean War, This Time with Nuclear Weapons?

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ISRO’s Record Launch: Less Known Innovations

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New Fighter Aircraft Deal – Again?

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100% FDI in Defence: How Wrong can you Get?

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