Infrastructure Sector and the Withdrawal of the State

(Courtesy: Economic & Political Weekly: Volume XXX.P.2114/34/1995) The “new” will always be far more evocative than the “old”, particularly as the old is visible as the present with all its ugly manifestations, warts and all, … Read more

Degrees In Pseudo-Science

THE University Grants Commission (UGC) on February 23 wrote to Indian universities announcing its clearance for the introduction of regular courses in Vedic Astrology in universities under its purview from the coming academic year. This … Read more

Technology: Breaking The Cycle

  THE current approach to the Eleventh Plan identifies that the “growing interest of foreign direct investors in the economy provides a valuable method of injecting resources into the economy, upgrading our technological standards and … Read more

Urban Renewal Mission: Whose Agenda

THE UPA government last week announced a Rs 1,00,000 crore National Urban Renewal Mission (NURM) named after Jawaharlal Nehru, directed at substantial improvement in infrastructure and tackling of poverty in over 60 major cities in … Read more

Going, Going… Boeing!

THE Air-India (AI) Board finally announced its long-awaited decision on the procurement of new aircraft to replace its ageing fleet as well as to meet the challenging new environment in international air travel. To the … Read more

US Department Of Justice Succumbs To Microsoft

ON November 1 this year, US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly approved of the agreement between the Justice Department and Microsoft on its anti-trust case. This agreement, while admitting that Microsoft was a monopoly and had … Read more

Creating Brand Images: Television And Sports

THE recent controversy over the ICC and cricket underlies the power of television and money in sports today. Briefly, Rupert Murdoch had reached a 550 million dollars deal with the ICC by which during ICC … Read more

Globalisation, Reforms And Health Care

INDIA embarked on its present path of economic liberalisation, on instructions from the World Bank and the IMF, relatively late. But in 1991 the infamous Manmohan Singh budget set things in motion. The immediate fallout … Read more