Adani Import Fraud of 2014 and its Continuing Dividend

The Adanis are again in the news, this time for importing transmission equipment from Japan, China and South Korea, hiking its price through an Adani intermediary in Dubai, and transferring the difference to the off-shore … Read more

Civil Aviation Policy: Subsidize the Rich, Corporates and Foreign Companies

It is by now clear that the settled policy framework of the Modi government is to pump in public investment for infrastructure, services, taxes and other incentives for corporates and higher income groups in the … Read more

Bitcoin: Has the Real Nakamoto Stepped Forward?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and why should we even bother knowing who he is? Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the person who created the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, who till this week, was just a name. Craig … Read more

100% FDI in Indian Defence Industries: “Nationalists” Ditch Self-Reliance?

The only reason there is a question mark at the end of the title is that, although a Policy Note is pending consideration by the Cabinet, the BJP-led government has not yet announced its decision. … Read more

Hell bent on water privatization in Delhi

It seems the Sheila Dixit government of Delhi, backed by powerful elements in the UPA-II central government, will let nothing stand in the way of water privatization in the capital. Several earlier attempts going back … Read more

Facebook Founder Worth $ 20 billion Even After IPO Fiasco

Last month, Facebook launched its much hyped Initial Public Offering (IPO) and promptly lost more than 25% of its valuation within only a few weeks of trading. Why was Facebook with revenue of just $ … Read more

Diesel Automobiles Scam

An advertisement currently running on TV for Chevrolet’s Beat Diesel has the closing line “Fuel is getting less expensive.” Since the sharp rise in petrol prices was headline news just recently, one was surprised at … Read more

CAG Report – A Damning Indictment of Government and Reliance

The CAG Report on the audit of the Production Sharing Contracts for the on-shore and off-shore oil and gas blocks once again shows the unholy nexus between the UPA and big capital in the country. … Read more

Free Trade Agreements: The Dangerous New Frontier

WHILE considerable attention has been focused on the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the binding trade rules that it imposes on member countries, there is a shift towards much of trade negotiations being conducted bilaterally … Read more

The Other Telecom Scam: Bleeding BSNL to Help Private Operators

THE 2G scam has shown how scarce national resources like the spectrum have been given at throw away prices to big capital. In this game, there are not only older players such as Reliance, Unitech … Read more

FDI in Organized Retail: a lose-lose game

The UPA government is once again attempting to completely open up the retail sector to foreign direct investment including, possibly, 100 percent FDI in organized multi-brand retail or supermarket chains. The Department of Industrial Policy … Read more

Bailout For US Automobile Big-3

  Bailout For US Automobile Big-3 IT has been a while since the US Congress approved a $750 billion bail-out package aimed at pulling the US out of the biggest crisis in US and global … Read more