Going, Going… Boeing!

THE Air-India (AI) Board finally announced its long-awaited decision on the procurement of new aircraft to replace its ageing fleet as well as to meet the challenging new environment in international air travel. To the … Read moreGoing, Going… Boeing!

Privatisaton And FDI In Indian Airports

ONE of the several developmental issues on which the CPI(M) and the Left in general on the one hand and the Congress-led UPA government on the other hand have differed has been in respect of … Read morePrivatisaton And FDI In Indian Airports

The Stock Market Melt Down and the Media Hysteria

THE response of media, particularly the electronic one, to the stock market melt down of May 17, was revealing. It became the central story for days, pushing mundane events such as the electorate throwing out … Read moreThe Stock Market Melt Down and the Media Hysteria

US Department Of Justice Succumbs To Microsoft

ON November 1 this year, US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly approved of the agreement between the Justice Department and Microsoft on its anti-trust case. This agreement, while admitting that Microsoft was a monopoly and had … Read moreUS Department Of Justice Succumbs To Microsoft

Creating Brand Images: Television And Sports

THE recent controversy over the ICC and cricket underlies the power of television and money in sports today. Briefly, Rupert Murdoch had reached a 550 million dollars deal with the ICC by which during ICC … Read moreCreating Brand Images: Television And Sports

IA Airbus Deal Up In The Air?

IN late March this year, the Board of Indian Airlines, based on inputs from various technical and financial committees working over several years, had finally decided upon the long-awaited first major fleet augmentation of the … Read moreIA Airbus Deal Up In The Air?

Railway Privatisation De-rails in Britain

SIX years after privatising British Rail, the Labour government has finally pulled the plug on Railtrack and effectively re-nationalised the company. This is after years of paying out good tax payer’s money to Railtrack, the … Read moreRailway Privatisation De-rails in Britain

Globalisation, Reforms And Health Care

INDIA embarked on its present path of economic liberalisation, on instructions from the World Bank and the IMF, relatively late. But in 1991 the infamous Manmohan Singh budget set things in motion. The immediate fallout … Read moreGlobalisation, Reforms And Health Care