Draft Telecom Bill: Surveillance Paradise and Gift to Telecom Monopolies

The government recently released a draft Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022 for public comment. It follows the withdrawal of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill, which had been in the making for five years. The PDP … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: The Apology that Never Came

How should we remember Queen Elizabeth II and her seventy years on the British throne? Many people have reacted to the glorification of her rule, pointing out the British Royals’ direct connection to the slave … Read more

When Market Fundamentalism Overcomes Common Sense: Myth of Electricity Markets

The price of electricity has risen astronomically in Europe over the last two years: by four times over the previous year and ten times over the last two years. The European Union has claimed that … Read more

Game of Nuclear Chicken in Zaporozhye

The Zaporozhye (also spelt Zaporizhzhia) Nuclear Power Plant has become a focal point in the Ukraine war, as any major nuclear incident risks radioactivity release over a vast area. In such an accident, not only … Read more

Where are Science and Development After 75 Years of the Indian Independence?

A scientific vision—conceived to encompass the social and the natural sciences—was profoundly a part of the Indian national movement. India’s struggle for independence was not simply to free itself from British rule. It was also … Read more

United States Ratchets up Chip War Against China

With tensions between the United States and China mounting as a fallout of Nancy Pelosi’s provocative Taiwan visit, the technology war between them is also taking a new turn. Both houses of Congress have approved … Read more

Mendel’s Genetic Revolution and the Legacy of Scientific Racism

In July this year, the world is celebrating 200 years of Gregor Mendel’s birth, widely accepted as the father of genetics for his discovery of the laws of inheritance. His experiments with peas, published in … Read more

Assault on Environment Regulations Continues

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government’s relentless assault on environmental regulations, and therefore on the environment itself, to serve the interests of corporates and their industrial, infrastructure and commercial projects continues unabated. In a recent … Read more

Webb Telescope Opens New Window in the Sky

The new Webb telescope has shown that NASA’s $10 billion investment and 26 years are finally delivering their promise: pictures of the cosmos in depth, detail and quality far beyond what we had. The first … Read more

Will Monkeypox Outbreak Replay AIDS and Covid-19 Script?

With more than 3,400 cases (22 June), the recent monkeypox outbreak in Europe and North America has become international news. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reacted by monitoring the progress of monkeypox globally, issuing … Read more

Death Trumps Life at Geneva Ministerial

On 2 June, days before the 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation, Winnie Byanyima, executive director of UNAIDS, warned the world of a grim future without patent waivers. “In a pandemic, sharing technology … Read more

The Emergency Then: Life in Jail

Tihar Jail was a very large prison, occupying about 65 to 70 acres. There were low barracks in each ward, all single-storey, with some grounds attached to each. Once the prisoners were let out during … Read more