EVERY year when Delhi is sweltering in high heat and humidity conditions with frequent load shedding, the Delhi Electricity Regulator makes a further present to its people in the shape of increased rates of electricity. … Read more

Draft National Power Policy And CERC’S Competition Policy

THE Draft National Electricity Policy has been introduced by the UPA government without first reviewing the Electricity Act as was committed in the Common Minimum Programme (CMP). Without this review, the Policy will only perpetuate … Read more

Privatisation In Power Sector Imposes High Costs On The Citizens

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Reviewing the Electricity Act 2003:Real Initiatives Needed-II

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Reviewing The Electricity Act 2003: Real Initiatives Needed – I

THE Common Minimum Programme of the new UPA government has finally accepted what the people concerned with the crisis of the power sector have been demanding all along: a re-look at the power policies followed … Read more

N K Singh Committee’s Report on the Power Sector: World Bank-IMF Wine In BJP Bottle

ONE of the many problems with the current NDA government is its insistence that India must shine at all costs, even if it means sweeping under the carpet all evidence of failure. The power sector … Read more

The US Blackout: Lessons For India

THE blackout in the US and Canada that took place on the 14th of last month cut a wide swathe across north-east America, leaving more than 50 million people without electricity, some even more than … Read more

Subsidising Tatas and Ambanis: The Crux of Power Sector Reforms

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The Electricity Bill 2003 – From Crisis To Disaster

THE Electricity Bill 2003 was passed by the Lok Sabha on April 9 after being tabled in its current forum on April 6, thus ensuring no debate in the country. While all the old ills … Read more

California’s Power Market Collapse And The Electricity Bill

LAST week, the government finally placed the Electricity Bill 2001 (presumably now 2003) in the Parliament. With this, electricity is now to be looked on as a marketable commodity to be traded like any other. … Read more

Orissa Restructuring and Privatisation: A Failed Paradigm

THE failure of the Orissa power reforms – separation of generation, transmission and distribution first and then their privatisation – has received little attention considering that similar reforms are now the lynchpin of current government … Read more

Maheshwar Project MP Govt Takes The Dabhol Route

It is shocking that the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to guarantee bonds to the tune of Rs. 350 crore to be floated by S. Kumar for the Maheshwar Hydel Power Corporation Ltd. It appears … Read more