Restoring Conceptual Independence to Technology

Neither of the prevailing views of technology – as violently subjugating nature or as derivative of science – quite describes the way technology is actually practised. A bird’s eye view of science and technology can … Read more

Degrees In Pseudo-Science

THE University Grants Commission (UGC) on February 23 wrote to Indian universities announcing its clearance for the introduction of regular courses in Vedic Astrology in universities under its purview from the coming academic year. This … Read more

Human Genome Project Victory for Public Science

IT may well have turned out to be the coup of the millennium. The map of the human genome—a map that captures the essence of our functioning as human beings—may well have been appropriated for … Read more

Ancestral Echoes in Indian Genes — II

In the earlier article, we had discussed that in order to discuss Rajaram’s and Sudarshan’s claims regarding mitochondrial DNA studies, we need to examine how genetics is used in history. In this section, we examine … Read more

Creationist Theology Confronts Science in the U.S.

Creation “science”, i.e. the theory that the world and all life was created by divine intervention is far from extinct.  On the contrary, according to a recent article in the New Scientist magazine, it is … Read more

Human Behaviour and Biology an examination of the “sociobiology debate”

Almost a hundred and fifty years ago two of the greatest minds of that age, Karl Marx and Charles Darwin were grappling with two seemingly divorced problems. Yet, their seminal contributions were to revolutionise human … Read more

Heritage of Science and Technology in India

Like all ancient civilizations, India has a rich heritage of traditional knowledge. Much of this heritage stands at the doorstep of becoming extinct or has already become so. Attention has recently been focused on a … Read more

The Twentieth Century – Science’s Last Hurrah?

THE 19th century ended with the promise that almost all the mysteries of the world wereover. Science, it was thought, had come close to fully understanding nature, with only a few odds and ends yet … Read more

Lebanon And Gaza: The Myth Of Israel’s Self Defence

THE Israeli and the western media has built the myth that the attacks on Gaza and later on the Lebanese population are a response by Israel to their one soldier being kidnapped by the Hamas … Read more

Asian Tsunami- Science, Development And Geopolitics

THE death toll from the tsunami that hit south-east and south Asia on December 26, 2004, has officially crossed 150,000 and is quite likely to cross the 200,000 mark as relief operations proceed and a … Read more

Scientific Capability And The Wealth Of Nations

EVERY school of thought accepts that if a country wants to become a global player, Research and Development (R&D) is vital. Copying, body shopping, selling other people’s products and technology can work for some time. … Read more

India Abroad Galileo Project: India-EU Summit

SEVERAL aspects of the recent India-EU Summit are noteworthy for their long-term geo-political significance. The most striking, of course, is the very thrust and main agenda of the Summit, namely the forging of a “strategic … Read more