Africa Showed The Way In Cancun

THE walkout of the African delegates in Cancun signalled the final collapse of the WTO ministerial meeting. While reports about the Cancun collapse have tended to focus on the role played by the Group of … Read more

WTO Derailed At Cancun!

PROBABLY never before has the failure of a multilateral negotiation been greeted with such exultation as the farcical end to the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun. People from all over the world danced on the … Read more

Stakes In Cancun WTO Ministerial Meeting

THE Fifth Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation is to be held in September in Cancun, Mexico. The Cancun meeting follows the meeting held in Doha in 2001 and is being seen as the … Read more

Agriculture And The WTO: Sheer Inequity

AMIDST the furore regarding the attempt by developed countries at the WTO meeting in Doha to push for a new round to the detriment of the interests of developing countries, an issue of vital importance … Read more

A Long Road to Travel: Declaration On TRIPS At Doha

THE Doha meeting of the WTO adopted a “Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health”. The declaration has been hailed as a landmark in the negotiating history of the World Trade Organisation. In a … Read more

Posturing in Doha

AS we go to press, the Fourth Session of the Ministerial Meeting of WTO at Doha is reaching its concluding stages. There are, as yet, conflicting reports regarding the outcome of the meeting. Three drafts … Read more

MNCs: Some Less Known Facts

The twin processes of “Globalisation” and “Liberalisation” have seen its wake an orchestrated campaign designed to showcase the merits of Multinational companies. What is glossed over is the gory face of a number of these … Read more

Clinton Coopts India On Energy, Environment

THE media and most MPs from all parties barring the Left and its ally, the RJD, were agog with US President Clinton’s visit to India. The visit seems to have inspired such a gleam in … Read more

TECHNOLOGY SANCTIONS True Face of Free Trade, the American War

WITH all the hoopla over Clinton’s visit, not a word has been said by India regarding the various technological sanctions that the US has imposed on India. The BJP government, busy as it is in … Read more

Statement on People’s Concerns and WTO Issues

(A Workshop on WTO Arrangements and People’s Concerns was organised in New Delhi recently. The workshop was organised by the National Working Group on Patent Laws in the background of the forthcoming meeting at Seattle, … Read more