The Brave New World Of Genetics

AFTER the reading of the human genome, there are daily advances that research on genetics is reporting: from chimpanzee-human differences to a new world free of disabilities, superior intelligence and human happiness, all implanted into … Read more

Finding Medicines For The Poor: A Step Forward

ANALYSTS have, for long, referred to the “10/90 gap”, according to which only 10 per cent of investment in R&D of new drugs is aimed at the so-called “orphan diseases,” which afflict 90 per cent … Read more

Data Exclusivity:Implications For Public Health

IN recent months there has been substantive lobbying by a section of the pharmaceutical industry in India – led by the multinational sector – and pressures from the US to provide for what is known … Read more

Avian Flu of Death

IN the last two years about 60 deaths in four countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia) have been reported due to the dreaded “avian flu”.  On the face of it, not something that would appear … Read more

Misplaced Initiatives In The Health Sector

THE Common Minimum Programme announced by the UPA government had a number of portions that addresses issues related to health care in the country. Six months after the CMP was announced, it is time to … Read more

World Bank And The Health Sector

THE World Bank has been, for some time,soliciting comments on itsCountry Action Strategy (CAS) for the World BankGroup in India,which is essentially a draft plan for intervention in Indiaby the World Bank in different sectors … Read more

CMP Trips Up On Population Policy

THE more things change, the more they remain the same! One cannot but be overwhelmed with a sense of déjà vu on reading one particular section in the Common Minimum programme of the UPA government. … Read more

Charade On Public Health Before Cancun

AS the Cancun Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation draws near, a charade is being played out in the name of public health. It may be recalled that the previous WTO Ministerial meeting held … Read more

Peddling Poison: Coca Cola and Pepsi Must Go!

THE year: 1970. In the South American country of Chile, Salvador Allende had just been elected as president but was yet to be confirmed and sworn in constitutionally. Allende had won in the face of … Read more

SARS : How Much of a Threat ?

THE SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic has struck fear in country governments, practitioners and whole populations across the globe.  It has made global headlines and seems to have even overshadowed the human tragedy that … Read more

Twenty Five Years After Alma Ata

THE next year is going to be the 25 anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration. The Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 was seen at that time as a watershed in the understanding regarding public health. … Read more

Public Health Response To Lifestyle Diseases

IN recent years there has been increasing focus on what are termed as “lifestyle diseases”. These are diseases that are brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle – sedentary habits (low physical activity), preference for unhealthy … Read more