Ancestral Population in India

A RECENT study by scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and Harvard has come out with a set of findings about the nature of the ancestral Indian population. The study  — … Read more

Influenza Pandemic In A Globalised World

ON June 11, 2009 the World Health Organisation (WHO) raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus. A Phase 6 … Read more

It is Official Now: Swine flu is a Pandemic

SWINE flu, or more technically influenza A (H1N1), is now officially a pandemic. Addressing the press on June 11, Dr Margaret Chan, the director general of World Health Organisation (WHO) said, “On the basis of … Read more

Data Exclusivity: Implications For Public Health

IN recent months there has been substantive lobbying by a section of the pharmaceutical industry in India – led by the multinational sector – and pressures from the US to provide for what is known … Read more

Is it All in the Genes?

Genetics allows us to understand the ever-continuing development of life. The evolution of life meant the appearance of a self-replicating molecule which could transmit the characteristics of the life-form to future generations. Such a mechanism … Read more

Structural Adjustment Programmes and the Pressures by International Agencies on Health Policies

The World Development Report 1993 is the most comprehensive document of the World Bank regarding the Health Sector as a whole, and in that sense embodies the basic understanding of the Bank towards this sector. … Read more

Tobacco Industry and its Tryst with Death

After denying for the last fifty years that tobacco is either addictive or harmful, tobacco companies are now trying to negotiate their future with the US Government. They have agreed to pay up to $300 … Read more

Private Health Care under the Microscope

THE recent controversy relating to Sri Kumaramangalam’s death and the enquiry instituted to probe allegations of negligence against the Apollo Hospital in this regard, has opened a virtual Pandora’s box. The Ministry of Health appears … Read more

Chicken Flu: How Much Of A Threat?

THE recent epidemic termed “chicken flu” has once again underlined how fragile humankind’s mastery over disease really is. The chicken flu epidemic, affecting poultry stocks, has now spread across most of East Asia and spread … Read more


THE widespread global panic associated with the “anthrax scare” has ensured that bio-terrorism has leapfrogged out of the pages of science fiction thrillers into the everyday lives of common people. The use of biological weapons … Read more

Draft National Health Policy

THE national Health Policy draft was finally released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, early this month. The draft is available on the website of the ministry which says that comments on it … Read more

Anti-People State Population Policies

IN February last year, the Government of India adopted the National Population Policy 2000. This policy is weak on many counts: population is not integrated with health, it has population stabilization rather than the health … Read more