Re-Configuring The NPT: The Iran Issue

THE Iran issue is now reaching a flash point with a number of reports coming out of the Bush administration of a military strike and even a possible nuclear “bunker” bomb to “destroy” Iran’s nuclear … Read more

US National Security Strategy 2006

US president George W Bush released the latest US National Security Strategy in Washington on March 17, 2006. The NSS is the definitive US strategic policy document which, by law, is supposed to be announced … Read more

FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE… Toxic ship Heads For India

THE decommissioned French aircraft carrier Clemenceau (pronounced kle-mon-so), once the pride of the French Navy and having seen action in first Gulf War in 1991, left France on the last day of 2005 on her … Read more

Energy Security,Energy Policy and Nuclear Energy- II

IN the first part of the article (People’s Democracy, November 7-13, 2005) we had shown that nuclear power would meet only a small part (4 per cent) of our overall power requirement. We had also … Read more

Energy Security, Energy Policy And Nuclear Energy

ONE of the justifications given for India’s Iran vote in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was that India’s future energy interests demand a decisive shift to nuclear energy and the US support in removing the … Read more

US Triggers Arms Race In South Asia

A HIGH-LEVEL US delegation led by Lt Gen Jeffrey Kohler, head of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency responsible for inter-governmental arms deals, visited New Delhi last week and made a top-security presentation to Indian … Read more

Indo-US Nuclear Deal

THE Nuclear deal entered into by India and the US as part of the Indo-US Agreement signed by president Bush and Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh during the latter’s recent visit to the US has … Read more


NOT unexpectedly, the Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) month long (from May 2 to May 27) five-yearly Review Conference failed after the US spent the entire period either arguing about procedure or demanding that disarmament … Read more

No To US F-16s For India By Raghu

DEFENCE and strategic analysts around the world have been taken by surprise by the news, in the air for quite some time but formally revealed during the recent visit to India by US secretary of … Read more

Final Amendments To The Patents Act And Our Critics-II

IN all the examples given in Part I of the article (PD May 02-08, 2005), if the Left had referred this matter to the Joint Select Committee of the Parliament, 2002 Act with much worse provisions … Read more

Final Amendments to the Patents Act and Our Critics

IN an earlier PD article, we had noted that some of the International NGOs such as Oxfam and MSF had made uninformed criticism of the Left intervention in the Amended Patents Act and painted an … Read more

Putin’s India Visit: Grouping For A New Relationship

PRESIDENT Putin’s visit to India, accompanied by a high-powered delegation, was his first to this country since the new Congress-led government assumed office. The visit assumed significance in the context of an expected readjustment of … Read more