Final Amendments To The Patents Act And Our Critics-II

IN all the examples given in Part I of the article (PD May 02-08, 2005), if the Left had referred this matter to the Joint Select Committee of the Parliament, 2002 Act with much worse provisions … Read more

Final Amendments to the Patents Act and Our Critics

IN an earlier PD article, we had noted that some of the International NGOs such as Oxfam and MSF had made uninformed criticism of the Left intervention in the Amended Patents Act and painted an … Read more

Putin’s India Visit: Grouping For A New Relationship

PRESIDENT Putin’s visit to India, accompanied by a high-powered delegation, was his first to this country since the new Congress-led government assumed office. The visit assumed significance in the context of an expected readjustment of … Read more

From Bofors To Bulgaria

COME election time, it should surprise nobody that accusations of scams be levelled by both the main contenders, the BJP and the Congress, against each other. Certainly, neither party is a stranger to scams, even … Read more

Where Have All The WMDs Gone?

THE world has been agog the past few weeks at the astounding revelations from Pakistan that Dr A Q Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb, had passed on nuclear weapons technologies to Libya, … Read more

The US, Mini Nukes And Iran

THE continuing threat of nuclear weapons hanging over the globe has been brought out sharply by two recent developments. The United States has announced the development of mini nukes and bunker buster bombs in complete … Read more

The Musharraf Road Show: Strategic Implications

PAKISTANI president General Pervez Musharraf has returned after a high profile three week long international tour that took him to Germany, Britain, USA and France. Surely much to the disappointment of General Musharraf himself, this … Read more

Battle For Baghdad Begins

ON the third Sunday of the war in Iraq (April 6), US forces made rapid and dramatic progress in and around Baghdad, loudly announcing the commencement of the battle for the Iraqi capital, even as … Read more

Iraq War: Second Phase Unfolds

AS the US-led war on Iraq enters its third week, the contours of a revised strategy, necessitated by the serious reverses suffered by US and British forces due to fierce Iraqi resistance over the first … Read more

The Dogs Of War

AS the war on Iraq enters 6 day, the earlier smug complacence of the US and British military circles of a quick victory, is evaporating. The brutal reality of war, crumbling buildings, little children dying … Read more

Kalam’s Disturbing Vision

APJ ABDUL KALAM clearly has the support of the majority of the Electoral College that will elect the president and looks destined to be the next occupant of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This is at a … Read more

Indo-Pak Nuclear Exchange?

WHILE Indo-Pak tensions reached an apparent zenith last week, with over a million troops facing each other eyeball to eyeball, mortar and artillery fire across the LOC and international border at their fierciest for years, … Read more