US Drug MNCs Bare Their Fangs

THE Indian government has prepared a draft of the amended Patents Act, designed to comply with the obligations under the WTO agreement. The draft is going through a process of consultations, and is likely to … Read more

Pharmaceutical Industry Profits of US Cos. vs. Millions of Lives

THE United States government and the US pharmaceutical industry are fighting hard to prevent the compulsory licensing of essential drugs, particularly AIDS drugs, in developing countries. Already pressure has been brought to bear on the … Read more

Indo-US Agriculture Initiative: Handing Indian Agriculture To Monsantos

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MAPPING OF THE RICE GENOME: Triumph Of Public Funded Research

IT has been argued that if cereals – rice, wheat, corn, maize, etc — had not been cultivated by man, human civilisation may not have existed in the form we know today. Settled agriculture was … Read more

Stem Cell Research: Promises and Concerns

RESEARCH on stem cells has been in the news in recent times for very contradictory reasons. On the one hand, it raises visions of a constant supply of living material that can repair and replace … Read more

Selling Out To MNCs: R&D Deal Between Glaxo And Ranbaxy

RECENTLY the leading Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy and the leading global pharmaceutical major, Glaxo Smithe Kline announced that they had come to a collaborative agreement on pharmaceutical R&D. This agreement is being hailed in industry … Read more

Patenting Our Genes

THE battle on Patent rights is now poised to spill out of laboratories dealing with chemical substances to human bodies. Biotech companies are involved in a furious scramble to patent every bit of the human … Read more