Public Religion and Private Belief The Role of Catholic Church

THE “beatification” of Mother Teresa drew a worldwide audience with the media, both Indian and international figuring it prominently. Beatification is the first step in the complex process the church declaring anyone a saint. While … Read more

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 2003 Hope Takes To Streets In Porto Alegre

SURKH Hai, Surkh Hai, Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Pakistan Se Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Hindustan Se Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Filisteen Se… Khoon-e-Iraq Se….  (Asia is red with the blood of Pakistan, the blood of India, the blood … Read more

The World Social Forum: Another World Is Possible

THE global neo-liberal agenda – globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation – has become increasingly exposed as a neo-colonial agenda.  In country after country, prescriptions of the IMF and World Bank, policed by the World Trade Organisation, … Read more