Bullet Train: Glamour Project Kicks Off

The bullet train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad was formally launched by PM Modi and visiting Japanese PM Shinzo Abe at Ahmedabad last week. The project has been hailed by government and ruling party circles, … Read more

Scientists Take to the Streets for Science

The March for Science took place on August 9 in more than 30 cities and towns in the country, involving thousands of scientists, researchers, teachers and students. These protests took place in the context of … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Threat to Our Humanity

 Stephen Hawking had warned a few years back that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could spell the end of human race, a threat echoed by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Bill Gates, and many others. … Read more

India Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030

India recently announced a goal to produce and sell only electric cars (presumably including 2- and 3-wheelers) by 2030, chiefly aiming to reduce the petroleum import bill and running cost of vehicles, while simultaneously reducing … Read more

March for Science

 Earth Day, commemorated on 22 April each year, has always seen marches and demonstrations highlighting dangers to life on the planet and mobilizing people for the defence of the environment from wanton exploitation and … Read more

Hyperloop in India: Yet Another Pipedream?

There is a new buzz in the country at the prospect of an ultra-modern, even futuristic, transportation system making a debut in India, among the first few countries to host this much-touted system. If it … Read more

Earth’s Seven Sisters Only 40 Lightyears Away

An international team of scientists have discovered a set of seven near earth-sized exoplanets circling a nearby star, named Trappist-1. They have reported this discovery recently in Nature. What is exciting about these exoplanets is … Read more

Self-driving Vehicles: Coming Soon!

There is some or other news almost every day about autonomous vehicles, also popularly known as “driverless” or self-driving cars. Either some or other company is announcing ever-earlier dates when it plans to introduce autonomous … Read more

Hindutva, Mathematics, Pythagoras and Zero

The Hindutva brigade have been continuously proclaiming that the Greeks learnt Pythagoras from India. This is what Harsh Vardhan, the BJP Science and Technology Minister, claimed in the Indian Science Congress last year; that “we” … Read more

Vimanas, Rockets, and Tipu Sultan

THE RSS and its camp followers have a strange relationship to imagination. They take the imagination of the mythology, and present it as matter of fact history. When it comes to the scientific imagination – … Read more

Orchestrated Attack on India’s Research System

“There will always be circumstances when private investment lags – when the innovation creates a public good, such as clean air, for which an investor can’t capture the value, or when the risk is too … Read more

Modi’s India: Holy Cows, Unholy People

In a meeting which I attended recently, a senior retired Air Force officer talked about the protest of the writers as a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak landscape. He was referring to writers … Read more