The Hoax Of The NASA Bridge

THE recent story of NASA discovering a “mysterious 1.75 million year ancient bridge” is now clearly exposed as a deliberate fraud by Hindu fundamentalists. It was initially propagated by Vaishnava News Network an ISKON web … Read more

Stephen Jay Gould : A Great Scientist-cum-Social Thinker

STEPHEN Jay Gould, paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, science writer, a refreshing social thinker and one of the last surviving polymaths of our age passed away in May this year. Gould leaves behind a controversial body of … Read more

Again On Ancestral Echoes In Our Genes

WE had written earlier that the genetic evidence regarding the influx of people speaking and Indo-Aryan language is strong. New evidence from in-depth and extensive study done by a group of scientists, led by Michael … Read more

The Human Genome Reading the Book of Life

THERE are some defining moments in the history of science. Cracking the atom, the first steps on the moon are such defining moments. Reading the book of life, the human genome is another such moment. … Read more

Ancestral Echoes in Indian Genes

This article is in two parts and meant to expose the fraudulent claims of the Hindutva lobby who have been arguing that new genetic evidence substantiates their thesis of Harappan civilisation being Vedic. In the … Read more