Tsunami Devastation

THE toll of death and destruction caused by the tsunami waves on December 25 and 26, mostly in south and south-east Asia but also in far-off Indian ocean islands and even on the east African … Read moreTsunami Devastation

Russia Ratifies Kyoto Protocol

LAST week the Russian Duma, its lower house of parliament, ratified the Kyoto Protocol with an overwhelming majority. The Cabinet had last month approved Russia joining the international covenant, yet there had been fears of … Read moreRussia Ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Draft New Environment Policy

INDIA has seen so many new policies being announced on this or that subject, but these policies have most often not being taken seriously by the government and the agencies charged with implementing them, and … Read moreDraft New Environment Policy

River Grid Project Becomes Sangh Parivar Agenda

THE ambitious programme launched by the BJP-led government for inter-linking of rivers in different parts of the country is rapidly gathering momentum under the aegis of the Task Force headed by former union minister Suresh … Read moreRiver Grid Project Becomes Sangh Parivar Agenda

Interlinking Rivers: More Than Meets The Eye

AT various points of time, suggestions have been made for transferring water from flood prone areas to those facing droughts. The first and perhaps the most well known one was Dr K L Rao’s Ganga-Cauvery … Read moreInterlinking Rivers: More Than Meets The Eye

Flop-8: Climate Conference In Delhi

NOT too many people had great hopes from the 8th Conference of Parties (or COP-8) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Even before the conference began, it was known that COP-8 would not … Read moreFlop-8: Climate Conference In Delhi

Johannesburg Summit—Corporate Governance For Sustainable Trade

MORE than 100 heads of states and 15000 delegates representing the governments, private sector, and non-governmental organisations participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), from August 26 to September 4, in the South … Read moreJohannesburg Summit—Corporate Governance For Sustainable Trade

Air Gets Murkier: Latest Supreme Court Ruling On CNG

THE latest ruling of the Supreme Court reiterating mandatory and exclusive use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) in public road transport vehicles in Delhi, turning down the appeal by the Delhi and central governments to … Read moreAir Gets Murkier: Latest Supreme Court Ruling On CNG