The Fiasco Of Opinion Polls: Bad Psephology Or Bad Psephologists?

THE elections to the 14th Lok Sabha have been disastrous not only for the BJP led NDA but also to the pollsters. The huge number of opinion polls and exit polls had all predicted that … Read more

From Bofors To Bulgaria

COME election time, it should surprise nobody that accusations of scams be levelled by both the main contenders, the BJP and the Congress, against each other. Certainly, neither party is a stranger to scams, even … Read more

Goodbye Concorde!Hello What?

A FORTNIGHT ago, the world witnessed a momentous event in aviation history: the retirement from service of the world’s first, and for long the only, civilian supersonic airliner, the Concorde. Five Concordes of the British … Read more

Public Religion and Private Belief The Role of Catholic Church

THE “beatification” of Mother Teresa drew a worldwide audience with the media, both Indian and international figuring it prominently. Beatification is the first step in the complex process the church declaring anyone a saint. While … Read more

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 2003 Hope Takes To Streets In Porto Alegre

SURKH Hai, Surkh Hai, Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Pakistan Se Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Hindustan Se Asia Surkh Hai, Khoon-e-Filisteen Se… Khoon-e-Iraq Se….  (Asia is red with the blood of Pakistan, the blood of India, the blood … Read more

The World Social Forum: Another World Is Possible

THE global neo-liberal agenda – globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation – has become increasingly exposed as a neo-colonial agenda.  In country after country, prescriptions of the IMF and World Bank, policed by the World Trade Organisation, … Read more

IA Airbus Deal Up In The Air?

IN late March this year, the Board of Indian Airlines, based on inputs from various technical and financial committees working over several years, had finally decided upon the long-awaited first major fleet augmentation of the … Read more

Railway Privatisation De-rails in Britain

SIX years after privatising British Rail, the Labour government has finally pulled the plug on Railtrack and effectively re-nationalised the company. This is after years of paying out good tax payer’s money to Railtrack, the … Read more

US Withdrawal From ABM Treaty- II

(The first part of this article appeared in last week’s issue dated 30-12-2001) CHAIRMAN of the US Senate’s powerful Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat Joseph R Biden Jr forcefully argued that “the ultimate test in deciding … Read more