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Total Solar Eclipse on 22nd July Surya Utsav

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Public Health
Mobilising for Health

Amit Sengupta

25th September 2012

WALKING down the streets of Cape Town, it all looks so familiar. Almost twelve years ago, health activists from all over the world had come together in Bangladesh, and marched down the streets of Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka. The People’s Health Movement, which had taken shape at the first People’s Health Assembly in 2000, is today poised to move forward with renewed resolve. Marching to the city centre of Cape Town are hundreds of activists drawn from over 90 countries, joined by activists from several South African ...


Health Care Mortgaged to Corporate Sector

Dr.Amit Sengupta

24th August 2012

A FEW months back the Planning Commission of India had put its foot squarely in its mouth by claiming that the poverty line in India can be pegged at a consumption expenditure of Rs 28.65 per day. It was just one more example of how today’s ruling classes are content in distancing themselves from the harsh reality of people’s lives in most parts of the country. The Planning Commission is now back in the news with a bold new plan to refurbish health care in India. The prescription is simple --- graduall ...


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Health Sector Reforms in India

Amit Sengupta

18th April 2012


IT would require a very brave person to argue that India has a functioning health care system. The country’s health sector has been the topic of several screaming headlines in the media in recent months. As horror stories of scandals, scams and denial of health care continue to make headlines, it is clear that a deep malaise affects the system.

At the heart of this malaise is the fact that India has one of the most privatised health systems in the world. While public funding ...


Nefarious Design to Legitimise Exorbitant Prices

Amit Sengupta

4th January 2012

The Government has recently made public the “Draft National Pricing Pharmaceutical Policy, 2011” The circulation of the draft policy, supposedly to make medicines more affordable, comes in a situation where studies show that out-of-pocket medical costs push over 2% of the population below the poverty line in one year. A major part of expenditure on health in India, that people have to meet from their own resources, goes towards buying medicines. This is so because the government spends too little on health care and medicine prices are too high. Unlik ...


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Games in the Time of Dengue

Amit Sen Gupta

10th October, 2010


THERE are genuine reasons for the nation to exult as India showcased its capabilities through the truly spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. A nation, reeling from the continuous disclosures of ineptitude and corruption in the run up to the Games, breathed a collective sigh of relief. There will be occasion later to make sense of why a country, supposedly poised to take its place among the most developed nations of the world, should have made such a complete mess of the preparations for the Games. Notwithstanding how many accolades the organisation of the Games are able to now garner, the fact remains ...


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