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Public Health
Coercive Population Control Claims Thirteen Lives in Chhattisgarh

Amit Sengupta

25th November 2014


The shocking incident in Chhattisgarh, where thirteen women died and many more fell severely ill after undergoing an operation for female sterilisation (tubectomy), shows a mirror to all that is wrong with the public health system in India. The episode is also a clear indictment of the entire population control agenda of the Indian government, which has, for decades, been characterised by targeting and coercion of poor women and ...


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Hepatitis and the Thousand Dollar Pill

Amit Sengupta

17th September 2014


Capital’s greed to maximize profits respects very few boundaries. If the pharmaceutical industry were to be used as an example, it would seem that greed that is predicated on the helplessness of the sick and the ailing knows no bounds at all. Recent evidence for this comes from the marketing of a drug, called Sovaldi, by the US based company, Gilead. Sovaldi has quickly gained notoriety for being the ‘1,000 dollar pill’.

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Ebola Epidemic Exposes the Pathology of the Capitalist System

Dr. Amit Sengupta

3rd September 2014


On August 8th the World Health Organisation declared the West African Ebola outbreak a 'public health emergency of international concern'. The declaration came four months after the WHO reported a major Ebola outbreak in Guinea in Western African. Researchers traced the outbreak to a two-year old child who died on 6 December 2013. The epidemic, which broke in Guinea and spread to 3 of its neighbours – Liberia, Sierra Leone a ...


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Amit Sengupta

27th June 2014


Since being installed in government the BJP’s ministers have announced a slew of measures to usher in “better days”. True to this pattern, the new government’s health minister – Dr.Harsh Vardhan – has articulated a number of priorities in the health sector. None of them come as a surprise as they are true to the BJP’s core ideology of further promoting the neoliberal agenda of the previous UPA government.


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Importance of Public Services in Health Care

Amit Sengupta

22nd October 2013


In India, as well as in many developing countries, there is wide acceptance that the present health care system needs serious reforms. There is, however, very limited consensus on the shape and extent of reforms that are necessary. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has become a buzzword in health and development sectors, and is being proposed as the solution. The catch lies in the fact that there is no real consensus on what UHC re ...


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