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Public Health
Lessons from the National Family Health Survey

Amit Sengupta

9th Februrary 2016

The Fourth National Family Health Survey (NFHS 4) was conducted in 2015 and preliminary results from a few states are now available. NFHS 4 follows similar countrywide surveys conducted in 1992 (NFHS 1), 1998 (NFHS 2), 2005 ...


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The Dengue Epidemic and Demise of Public Healthcare

Amit Sengupta

16th September, 2015


The tragic events culminating in the suicide of the parents of Avinash, a seven year old child who had succumbed to dengue fever, largely due to the apathy of a number of private hospitals, have laid bare the pathetic condition of health care services in Delhi. Subsequent to a public outcry the Delhi Government has announced a slew of measures to mitigate the impact of the current Dengue epidemic in Delhi. It is natural for a ...


Suppression of Child Malnutrition Survey Data to Shield Gujarat

Amit Sengupta

15th July, 2015


Mired by controversies and scandals, the NDA Government has now secured another rare achievement. Recent disclosures, first reported in the ‘Economist’ magazine, indicate that the government has taken great pains to suppress a survey on child health, conducted by the UNICEF, in collaboration with the Government of India. The Rapid Survey on Children (RSOC) was commissioned by the UPA Government and covers the period between 2013 an ...


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Amit Sengupta

27th February 2015


The recent spate of infections and deaths, caused by the H1N1 strain of the influenza virus across many states in India has once again brought into focus India’s ailing health care system. It is unfortunate that discussions on the country’s non-functioning public health system surface only in periods when the health system is faced with a challenge.

What is Swine Flu?

The Path to Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Bhopal Disaster

N.D. Jayaprakash

11th December 2014


The premise of sustainable development is that it should be non-discriminatory and equitable as well. Discriminatory practices in the name of development have disastrous consequences as the people of Bhopal had experienced at the hands of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), a U.S. Transnational Corporation (which is currently owned by the Dow Chemical Company, USA).

Are lives of ...


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